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The National Digital Program of the Government of Israel


Part C – The Operating Concept of the Digital Israel Initiative

The National Initiative acts to realize national policy in utilizing information and communication technologies, as defined by the government.


In order to formulate and implement the national policy it was decided to establish a cross-government steering committee headed by the Minister for Social Equality, MK Gila Gamliel, with the participation of relevant entities. The committee was charged with setting national policy and with approving the multi-year digital program and the associated annual work plans[77]. The government also appointed a ministerial committee for the Initiative charged with advancing the National Initiative and overseeing its progress[78]

The Ministry for Social Equality, through the Bureau, is responsible for formulating the National Digital Program in cooperation with the Government ICT Authority, government ministries and relevant entities. The National Digital Program outlines the activities of the partners to the National Initiative, but is also intended to serve as a digital compass for the government as a whole in the digital transformation process. The program constitutes a framework for government activity in implementing the National Initiative, and the ministries and auxiliary units that are partners to the Initiative must implement the Initiative, whether through the work plans of their offices or by formulating dedicated ministry digital programs with the assistance of the Bureau. The Bureau’s roles, as defined by the government, also include coordinating the professional work of the cross-government steering committee, accompanying and coordinating implementation of the National Initiative in government offices while creating collaborations between them, developing cross-government digital processes and leading their implementation, creating collaborations with the private sector in Israel, and around the world, and leading a continuing inter-sector discourse between government offices, and between the business and third sectors[79]. The Bureau acts in close cooperation with the Government ICT Authority, which is responsible for strengthening the government’s ICT capabilities, while serving as a knowledge and professional advisory center in the ICT field for the government, and acting to foster technological innovation in government offices and their units. The ICT Authority provides advanced technologies for improving government service to the public, reducing the bureaucratic burden and advancing an open government policy[80].

By virtue of its role, the Bureau takes part in formulating and implementing many of the initiatives advanced within the National Initiative framework, whether as an entity leading complex cross-government and inter-ministerial measures, or in a coordinating, integrating and advisory capacity for government offices in promoting the core areas of the national digital policy under their responsibility. The Bureau operates together with many partners in Israel and the world, from the government, municipal, private, academic and third sectors, and the public at large. 

The Digital Israel Bureau Toolkit

To carry out its responsibilities and advance the implementation of the national digital policy, the Bureau has an extensive toolbox at its disposal, that includes: 

photo: The Digital Israel Bureau Toolkit