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The National Digital Program of the Government of Israel


Strategic Objective 1 – Accessibility of State and Local Government

Efficient and quality government and municipal services to citizens and businesses, and open and available government, are not only enabling factors for growth and improved quality of life, but can also help strengthen democracy in Israel. Services provided to the public and the public’s engagement with its elected officials impact the daily life of resident

Harnessing the digital revolution can create significant positive change in these areas as its achievements go hand in hand, among them – free flow of information (subject to limitations of the law regarding types of sensitive information as detailed above), advanced technological solutions, a focus on user experience and an online space that enables improved communication capabilities. Online services also produce huge cost savings in the public sector – the British government found that the cost of online services in government offices is 20 times lower than the cost of telephone services and 50 times lower than services provided in person.

Accordingly, steps to make government accessible and to reduce bureaucracy will be carried out while addressing five main areas:

  • Improving government services to citizens and reducing the bureaucracy
  • Digitization of local government
  • Advancing “Smart Cities”
  • Open government
  • Increasing ease of doing business

> Joining the International Open Government Partnership
(led by the Government ICT Authority)

> Website
(led by the Government ICT Authority)

The Partnership was launched in 2011 and currently includes more than 70 participating countries and civil society organizations. It aims to promote the four principles of open government: transparency, accountability, public participation and technology and innovation.
The government ICT Authority heads the government’s efforts in this area, integrates the action plans with the participation of additional government units (the Freedom of Information Unit in the Justice Ministry, the Government and Society Division in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israel Knesset), and heads Israel's communications with the international partners.

Israel Joined the Partnership in 2012
2 activity plans have been submitted

As part of the National Initiative, and in cooperation with government ministries, the government ICT Authority uploaded the new consolidated website, using the open code of the British website. The website was established in the aim of giving the public access, 
to all government information and services, online, simply and rapidly, from the perspective of the service recipient.
The information from all government offices is presented through one innovative and accessible interface adapted to mobile devices, and the presentation of the most common services was rewritten in line with the website style.