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The National Digital Program of the Government of Israel


Strategic Objective 1 – Promote Digital Industries and Businesses

The ICT sector is already a growth engine that accounts for 18.5% of the country’s goods and services exports[46]. This sector creates quality jobs with high productivity and salaries almost double the average salary in Israel[47], and is a focus of business innovation and creativity.

Technological developments in this field should be leveraged in order to develop new advanced industries in Israel in varied fields such as cyber and information security, Fintech and e-Health, that will serve as significant economic growth engines. This will contribute to creating new jobs as well as varied employment opportunities, demand for talented workers and accelerated economic growth.

Furthermore, increased utilization of digital tools in SMEs, and continued development of the ICT-based high-tech industry are vital components of accelerated economic growth.  

At the same time, for the high growth and productivity rates characterizing the ICT industry to trickle down to all economic sectors, businesses in all areas, with an emphasis on SMEs, must expand the use of digital tools. Studies about data driven innovation show that the growth potential from the adoption of this innovation by SMEs in Israel can add about 7 billion NIS to the GDP annually, an addition of 2 billion NIS a year to revenues from taxes, while also increasing business productivity by 9%[48].

Businesses in Israel must also expand their online activity in order to improve their competitive level, develop potential new markets and create new growth opportunities.  

The National Initiative will act to capitalize on the advantages of ICT to increase innovation, competitiveness and growth in all economic sectors, by addressing three key areas:

  • Developing digital-based industries
  • Turning businesses into digital businesses
  • Increasing digital presence and encouraging use of e-commerce platforms

> Innovation Communities in the Health Field
(led by the Ministry of Economy and Industry in cooperation with the Health Ministry)

In cooperation with the Israel Innovation Institute, cross-sector communities were established in the field of health, in order to create collaborations and a joint language among entities in industry, the public sector, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

The joint gatherings and relationships forged in the innovation communities develop innovation competencies and technological skills among those

involved in the health industry, and create an eco-system fostering the development of an e-health industry as a national growth engine.



> Promote e-Commerce among SMEs
(led by the Ministry of Economy and Industry)

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is responsible for granting assistance packages to hundreds of SMEs in the north, around the Gaza Strip, and in the Galilee and the Golan Heights in order to support them in building an online business.

The assistance packages include subsidized training granted by the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency in the Labor and Economy Ministry and grants of 16,000 NIS per business to establish a digital marketing system that includes a virtual store, online payment clearing and delivery.