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The National Digital Program of the Government of Israel


Strategic Objective 3 – Improve Public Goods

As noted, the quality of public goods has a fundamental impact on the standard of living of the citizens of Israel. Goods such as health, social services, education and transportation shape the environment in which we live and must therefore be adapted to the digital age.

Digitization offers huge potential to improve these goods, mainly by harnessing technology, developing advanced data analysis capabilities and using modern digital communication tools. Adapting public goods in this manner, with the assistance of the developed innovation industry in Israel, can increase the quality of service the government of Israel provides its citizens.

Harnessing the digital revolution to improve public goods in Israel will be carried out while addressing four key areas:

  • Improving education by digital means
  • Improving health by digital means
  • Improving social welfare by digital means
  • Improve additional goods by digital means

> "Available Emergency Room" Project
(led by the Health Ministry)
  > Digital Client File
(led by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services)

The project, headed by the Health Ministry, aims to shorten waiting times, handle bottlenecks and improve patient experience in emergency medicine departments and emergency rooms.
The project also includes an application that provides real-time information about waiting times and services provided at each emergency medicine center. Control and oversight tools are also integrated to support decision-making and policy making processes.

  Establish a client file management system in the social services system, from the referral stage to building a treatment program. In the first stage, headed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, the system supports the management of inquiries of clients served by local social services department. The system helps social service workers offer suitable treatment, and interfaces with relevant databases in the Social Affairs Ministry. In later stages, the system will interface with databases in other areas in order to offer optimal treatment.