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The National Digital Program of the Government of Israel


Bring the Geographic and Social Periphery Closer to the Center

Social gaps in Israel create inequality in opportunities for access to public goods and services such as health, education and social welfare. 

Accordingly, one of the most significant strengths of the digital revolution is the opportunity to overcome distance, ability and cultural barriers, contributing to narrowing gaps between the periphery and the center in order to promote social equality and equal opportunities in Israel.   

As part of the National Initiative, special effort will be invested in reducing these barriers. As part of this effort, bringing the geographic periphery closer to the center will be advanced by providing access to public services and goods, and developing employment opportunities in defined areas, with the use of modern digital tools. Bringing the social periphery closer will be achieved by developing relevant digitization skills in the aim of narrowing the digital divide.

Bringing both of these peripheries closer to the center will be carried out while addressing three key areas:  

  • Improving digital literacy among weakened populations
  • Providing access to quality public goods and services by digital means
  • Creating jobs and developing businesses in the geographic and social periphery


NetGev – The First Digital District
(in cooperation with the Interior Ministry)

In cooperation with the Interior Ministry, and as part of a joint effort to advance digitization in local government, the establishment of a unique collaborative framework is planned between the government, 12 Jewish and Arab local government authorities and the private sector, in order to transform the eastern Negev into a leading region in providing authorities and the private sector, in order to transform the eastern Negev into a leading region in the provision of digital services in health, education and entrepreneurship.

This historic project is part of a government effort to leverage ICT technologies in order to improve services in the periphery, narrow socio-economic gaps between the periphery and the center and to create new and quality employment opportunities. In the next stage, the project will be expanded to the Galilee area.





 Digital Rehabilitation Communities
(headed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services)


The pilot is active in four rehabilitation communities throughout the country.
As part of the pilot, participants take part in a digital literacy course, enabling them to enrich their social life, develop independence in access to online services and improve their quality of life. The aim of the project is to strengthen the relationship between therapists and their disabled patients and to expand the service they receive from the social services system by using digital tools.